Stefan Kutsko

Executive Search Consultant

Stefan is a Search Consultant at The Mullings Group. With over a decade in the Medtech industry, he brings his domain knowledge as well as a consultative and strategic approach to facilitate successful placements for every search.

Stefan built his career in companies of different scales including startups, mid-size, and large strategics. He has experienced being acquired by a large strategic, assisted large strategics with implementing acquisitions, and launched one-of-a-kind products at startups. In these companies, Stefan has held advisory board positions to help strategize for organizational growth and development.

From supporting and selling to physicians in the operating room to closing deals in the C-Suite, his ability to bring value and drive business growth from inside large healthcare institutions, as well as at the territory, regional, and national level, is what has made him successful in his career. These industry experiences provide him a unique perspective in Talent Access and while helping you build your team.

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