Julia Gross

Video Editor

Julia is a video editor at Dragonfly Stories – A Mullings Group company. A crucial member of the Telly Award-winning team, Julia leverages her love for video and passion for creative storytelling on every project. She sees video as an extension of herself and endeavors to make every frame memorable for the viewer.

Julia graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor’s in Film. During her undergraduate degree, she coached and mentored other students. Early in her career, Julia worked in post-production with Augustine Institute Studios, gaining insight and experience in editing single-camera series and honing her skills.

Julia, an AVID Certified Editor, gives back to young creatives by volunteering as an instructor at a student-run ad agency in Boise, Idaho. She provides support and education throughout the entire creative process. She was also the lead editor of Sentences, an official selection at the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival.

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