Holly Scott

Vice President & Senior Partner

Holly is Vice President and a Senior Partner at The Mullings Group, and has been a part of the firm for 25+ years. She believes the most productive and fulfilling organizations are built on the complementary forces that make up a team. Her bidirectional approach to each search allows her to put the best interest of both the individual and the company at the center of her team’s work. She is passionate about the medical device industry, which works to elevate health and healthcare, the individual careers we help build, and the team at TMG. These individuals keep Holly committed to being better every day.

Continuously giving back to the industry, Holly is a member, guest speaker, and advocate for MassMEDIC’s Women in Medtech organization. She also hosts two podcasts, The Power Curve, and Tech Talks with Holly Scott.

Holly is a graduate of the University of Florida with a psychology major and a business minor. She has also been awarded Certified Senior Account Manager (CSAM) by MRINetwork, an international network of recruiting firms.

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