Anyssa Daniel

Project Coordinator

Anyssa is Project Coordinator at The Mullings Group. As part of the Search Operations team, Anyssa serves as the bridge between Marketing and Search Operations. Anyssa manages TMG’s LinkedIn Presence, TMG Pulse, and TMG Interim as well as providing project management and business development support to Search Consultants.

Anyssa graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies. She then went into education, utilizing dynamic learning strategies to engage and accelerate her students. As a Certified Scrum Master, Anyssa utilizes aspects of the scrum framework and other Project Management Methodologies to execute her tasks effectively.

A self-proclaimed “People Professional,” Anyssa spent a decade cultivating experiences for a diverse clientele. Her background in law allows her to analyze all sides of a situation, identify pain points, and strategically plan to meet the needs of all the necessary stakeholders, while her experience in education allows her to tailor support to meet the needs of her teammates. A believer in the importance of relationship building, Anyssa makes it her mission to see and treat people as individuals.

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