Holly Scott

Vice President & Partner

With over two decades of experience in executive search, Holly shares a wealth of expertise with The Mullings Group. She has led projects ranging from board director seats and C-Suite, to executive teams across all functional areas. Holly considers she and her team an extension of her client in the marketplace, understanding the mission, the technology and/or service, and the opportunity. Holly understands credentials and experience are only the beginning of determining the right fit, that culture and individuality need to be deeply understood to set optimal balance for a successful organization.

Holly is an instrumental leader and mentor within the Mullings Group organization. She works closely with the team to ensure they understand the intricacies of the client business and the challenges and issues surrounding a specific search project. She has hired, onboarded, and trained dozens of successful search executives over her tenure. Her greatest satisfaction today is seeing others around her succeed.

In addition to leading executive search, Holly offers career insight and counsel through articles and content to empower others on their own career pathway. She has written over 100 articles in her “Drive Your Career” series, and hosts podcast, “The Power Curve”. Holly has been a guest speaker in multiple venues associated with career empowerment, diversity engagement, and Women in MedTech.

Holly’s commitment to understanding deeply the need of the client and the interests of the individual set her apart in the executive search industry. She believes in the power of authenticity, trust, and the value of the long term partnership. Holly received a Bachelor’s of Psychology degree from the University of Florida with a minor in Business Administration.

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