Darian Collins


With over 16 years of specialty pharmaceutical and biotechnological focused field and leadership experience, Darian brings a unique vantage to The Mullings Group and her strategic approach to client interactions. Her leadership roles within industry have spanned many therapeutic areas, all of which involved recruiting, hiring and onboarding due to new hire expansions and blending of teams specifically within the field medical affairs departments. As an Associate Director, she developed the talent and skills of teams through her coaching and feedback in the field, cross functional collaborations and extensive project management to support product launches.

She has a proven track record of making meaningful connections through her years of relationship building and matching the right mix for building productive teams and corporate culture. As a result of leading in this capacity, she also has a sharp business acumen, understanding of the evolving market dynamics and team synergies that are critical for achieving company priorities. Darian is a seasoned and connected professional that coupled with her high energy, thoughtful partnership will go above and beyond to achieve the needs of her clients.

A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions.