“A stroke occurs every 40 seconds in the United States.  A Stroke death occurs every 4 minutes.  A one year delay costs a lot of lives.  Why are we going so quickly in product development?  It is measured in life.”  – Leo Petrossian, CEO Neural Analytics

The rapid pace and passion for the patient allowed Neural Analytics to gain both CE Mark and FDA approval on their innovative Robotic Ultrasound System this summer.  Their platform technology utilizes autonomous robotics and ultrasound and allows for non-invasive, rapid diagnosis of brain health.  With the opportunity to rapidly diagnose time critical neurological conditions, one can only imagine the possibilities this platform can offer clinicians and patients worldwide, everywhere.

There is tremendous buzz in the industry about career development in digital health platforms.  Areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, machine learning, and robotics are enabling technologies to diagnose and treat patients in groundbreaking fashion.  Gaining valuable experience in these technologies early in market development can offer career experience and subject matter expertise.  Strategic career moves should consider where the market growth is headed, not exclusively where it is today.

Listen while Leo Petrossian shares more on the exciting times at Neural Analytics.

Written by Holly Scott
Holly Scott is the Vice President and Senior Partner of The Mullings Group.