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Tremendous advancements in imaging, navigation, visualization and robotics is empowering surgeons to perform procedures in a minimally invasive ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago.  Marry that with machine learning, cloud computing and training and simulation platforms that are emerging has the digital surgery market as one of the most promising in the medtech industry.

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TMG + Digital Surgery

In the surgical markets on robotics, imaging and navigation, The Mullings Group has by far the most experience and success in building the technical teams necessary that enable these technologies to get over the finish line and on their way to the market.

Our sub-specialties in UI / UX, 3-D, Virtual reality / Augmented reality Human Machine Interface / HMI, mechanical, electrical, software, controls, vision, systems and clinical engineers to strategic regulatory professionals that are first-in at partnering with regulatory bodies to define the digital surgery market, The Mullings Group’s depth in this field of talent acquisition is unprecedented.

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