Contract Recruiting

Market dynamics require agile solutions.
The right talent, at the right time, in the right place.

  • There are times when an emerging tech company requires the full skills and experience of a Chief Medical Officer or Chief Financial Officer on an interim basis. Executive insight matters.
  • A remediation event that requires the total focus of a Quality Team whose sole focus is to remedy a less-than-optimal situation with the FDA. Time matters.
  • A complex solution that requires a specialist who has been there and done that for an IDE / PMA or 510(k) submission. Domain expertise matters.
  • A software solution that calls for unique coding skills in high demand that does not require a direct employee beyond solving a 1% problem. Access to unique specialists matters.
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The Mullings Group Contract Recruiting solutions solve your immediate problems.

If you need a flexible solution, either as a client or as a contractor/consultant, please connect with our Vice President of Contract Recruiting, Erika Gustavsson,

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