The Mullings Group is the only Talent Access firm in the world with its own media company, production company and studio dedicated to building companies and careers. That should be important to you because how your message is delivered and who delivers it determines who will join your organization.

Understanding the rapidly expanding technologies in the medtech / healthtech markets is critical in order to be successful. The rate of acceleration of these technology platforms is occurring at a rate that the industry has not previously seen.

We believe that every individual should evaluate four things when considering a new opportunity:


What market is the technology serving. Will that market be relevant over the next 5 years and will it support meaningful career growth of individuals in that market? What does the industry in general say about those markets?


How does an organization’s product or service serve the above mentioned market? How does it specifically address the opportunities in the market and how will the individual benefit from being part of the team?


Who will you be working with every day? Who will you earn from, align with and be challenged by? We are influenced by the people around us, who will you be surrounded by?


Why do you show up every day? How will you change lives and possibly the world in your new role? Be defined by what you are doing and not by what you are making.