TMG is MedTech’s
Global Leader in Talent Acquisition and Branding.


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Company Size
30+ team members

Medical Device / Biotech / Life Sciences

Startups, Growth-stage Organizations, Incubators, Venture Capitalists, Boards of Directors (BoDs)

Delray Beach, FL (Headquarters)
London, UK
Cleveland, OH
Melbourne, FL
Miami, FL

Our Focus
Talent Access / World of Work, Team Building, Strategic Organizational Development

Additional Services
In-House Media Production & Branding, Management Consulting & Business Development, Facilitation of Financing & Strategic Partnerships

We build MedTech startups & SMEs.

TMG’s expertise is partnering with MedTech startups and Small-to-Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to build multi-functional teams at all levels from developmental through commercial stages. This enables TMG to be the proverbial “one-stop-shop” for our clients’ talent acquisition needs. Globally.

We Build Companies.

Multi-level. Cross-functional. Every position.

TMG is MedTech’s one-stop-shop for talent acquisition. We provide the full spectrum of organizational hiring (early-stage development through commercialization) and every level (individual contributor to C-suite). There is no position within a MedTech company that TMG cannot provide to our clients. We enable companies the freedom to build their organization without limitation.

TMG’s full-service recruitment
process is a linear and comprehensive
series of events.

Your digital assets matter.

Interactive Position Descriptions

TMG takes branding a client’s opportunity to the next level. Surpassing Word documents, PDFs, generic social media or client website “job postings,” our internal marketing team creates media-rich and descriptive position descriptions with the purpose of attracting and engaging talent.

Client Branding & Video

Professionally produced branding, messaging, and storytelling of our clients’ technology, past, present, and future – deployed skillfully for market awareness.

client branding
TMG Pulse

TMG Pulse aggregates MedTech industry news. The purpose is to provide updates on the most impactful market insights and trends in order to keep our network informed. This facilitates the ability to make educated career decisions for individuals and also acts as a platform for our clients to showcase their successes.

tmg pulse

How We Do It:
Talent Acquisition

TMG’s full-service recruitment process is a linear and comprehensive series of events from establishing the TMG-client partnership, through the spectrum of talent acquisition logistics, and final on-boarding of a successful hire. Throughout a TMG-client talent acquisition process, clients can expect the following:

What problem are you trying to solve?
People hire people to solve problems. While a position description is certainly an important asset in your search, we help you establish the problem you are trying to solve and reverse engineer the critical skills and experiences in the market to help you find the people who have them.

Messaging and Outreach
We differentiate between a company’s product narrative and a company’s hiring narrative and will help establish how your opportunity appears to talent in the marketplace. We are the only search firm that uses our own internal media organization to craft your hiring narrative and message.

Execution of Search
Being the industry’s largest and most successful search firm in the HealthTech market, our size, resources and 10+ years of experience allows us to execute faster and more accurately than any other search firm in the industry.

TMG Serves the global
HealthTech Community

TMG’s global clients consist of venture capitalists, private equity firms,
boards of directors, incubators, high-net-worth individuals,
university laboratories, startups, and SMEs in the MedTech industry.
Client products are comprised of Class I-III medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, healthcare services, and software,
simulation and SaaS platforms.

MedTech Network on 6 Continents

The MedTech innovation community is global. TMG’s service to the MedTech ecosystem is borderless. Our network and track record of success covers six out of seven continents. When the need and MedTech innovation exists in Antarctica, we will be there too.