Happy Book Lovers Day!

In celebration of National Book Lovers Day we are sharing the essential books to our organization. Below we share the books that help strengthen the holistic view we desire to provide to clients and candidates alike. These 6 books cover our cultural approach, pursuit of life-long learning and fulfillment.

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Radical Candor by Kim Scott 

The ability to speak candidly is essential for us at TMG. This book by Kim Scott has served as a field guide not only to new employees to introduce them to this communication style but on how to effectively apply it. The application of the theories from Kim’s book into our office culture has revolutionized the dynamics within the office, allowing for true personal and professional growth to occur at all levels.

Our ability to communicate with teammates without the need to sugarcoat the topic at hand is critical to streamlining the process and  eliminating misinterpretation and false signals that can create unnecessary and timely conflicts.

Spin Selling by Neil Rackham

If you’ve decided that a career in sales is for you (regardless of industry) or have already embarked on your journey, success lies in the basic fundamentals. This is one of the basic books on selling; utilizing the acronym “SPIN” to effectively teach Rackham’s unique strategy. Rackham’s teachings highlight the decision mechanisms involved in impulse buys and the bigger “life buys” and how to strategically use them to create a close.

Influence by Robert Cialdini

Everyday our Account Executives are a part of the decision making process for clients and candidates. Talking with both sides to uncover what they are looking for is essential to understanding what influences their decisions. This book by Cialdini serves as an introduction to the key ways to influence decisions, not in a way that persuades the outcome, but rather drives the decision to the finish line. This insight allows for our Account Executives to uncover and navigate roadblocks during the process and provide solutions for both sides to ultimately create a “true yes.”

Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini

Being fans of Bob Cialdini’s insights into the art of the decision we had to include another one of his works on the subject. This book doesn’t focus on the outcome; but instead he presents that the true value of influencing a decision is found in the moment before.

Start-Up Nation by Dan Senor and Saul Singer

This book is a great read for those that aspire to take their own entrepreneurial journey to the next level. It helps the reader gather insight through the eyes of a nation that has overcome adversity to become an epicenter of innovation.

This book provides employees with a run down of Israel’s history through the pioneering eyes that is crucial to understanding the semantics that run deep in way that they do business and how they view entrepreneurship.

The Heart’s Code by Paul Pearsall

Our CEO, Joe Mullings has gone on a personal journey with heart failure and along the way has grown to know that the heart is more than just a pump. This book takes that message further as the author Paul explores a new way of living for not only better health but happiness, as well.

Written by Rena