The Evolution of Career Development

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What we do

While our firm dominates the medical device / life sciences talent and career development landscape, we have practice specialties in the rapidly emerging markets that are leading the industry.

Helping you develop your career

You should want the person you are working with on your new role to seriously understand the current market and perhaps more importantly where the market is going. Besides performing more successful searches than any other firm in the industry, we are also at over two dozen technical industry shows per year staying on top of the emerging tech trends in your market.

britt talking to the team

Helping companies build great teams

Understanding the nuances of a technology and being able to message it to the market in a hiring narrative is one of the things that makes our firm so successful. Who and how your company is represented in the market should be of the utmost importance to you. Our firm uses its well-established market relationships developed over the decades, and we amplify that with our unmatched digital strategy deployed at scale.

Creating Awareness & Attention for Your Company

Top talent is not answering “want ad postings.” Compensation and tech certainly matter, but we help you develop strategies that revolve around the four critical pillars of and team building: Market, Product, Leadership, and Mission.

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