Building Companies and Careers.

Leaders in medtech, healthtech and life sciences.

About us

Who we are.

We are subject matter thought leaders in the medtech, healthtech and life sciences markets.

What we do.

We have made more than 7000 successful placements with more than 600 different companies over the past 30 years.

How we do it.

First and foremost, we understand the markets. People trust us. We have developed technology and media to reach more people in the industry as we scale our subject matter thought leadership.

Who we serve.

We refer to it as the Healthtech industry. Medical devices, digital solutions, biotech and life sciences are converging to form a healthtech driven world. Outcomes, access and value.

From the world’s largest medical technology companies to emerging tech ventures, The Mullings Group helps companies at all stages develop effective talent and branding strategies.

Our team

Meet the most experienced team in the talent access market from a firm that has served the HealthTech industry for more than three decades and completed 7000+ successful searches.

We are the only search firm in the world with its own media company, production company and studio dedicated to building companies and careers.

Talent Solutions

Understanding the nuances of a technology and being able to message it to the market in a hiring narrative is one of the things that makes our firm so successful. Who and how your company is represented in the market should be of the utmost importance to you. Our firm uses its well-established market relationships developed over the decades, and we amplify that with our unmatched digital strategy deployed at scale.

Employing evidence-backed strategies based on experience is why no other firm has a presence in medtech like TMG.

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